Deck Maintenance Services 

Packaged Options

 Our team offers three key packages to choose from to ensure your decking is well maintained and looking stunning: 

  1. Protection Plan

  2. Rejuvenation Plan

  3. Ongoing Maintenance Plan


These services can be applied to any timber decking, fence, pergola, or interior flooring with no job too big or small. We deal with business packages, strata contracts as well as residential properties.   


Protection Plan

The protection plan is our basic service which can be offered to almost every client. Using our experience and specialized expertise we recommend the preparation and product to ensure the life span of the existing timber and coatings is extended. This service aims to ensure your decking area is protected for the coming season while removing the risk of risen nails, splinters, or broken boards creating an unsafe environment. 

These services typically include:

  • Nail / Screw sinking.

  • Board replacements. 

  • Surface preparation. 

  • Professional deep cleaning.

  • Professional decking oil advice to best match the desired finish.

  • Anti-Slip Coatings.

Rejuvenation Plan

The Rejuvenation Plan is our premium service and aims to completely transform your timber surfaces back to their former glory. To do this we typically recommend completely removing the coatings currently on the deck through a mixture of chemical stripping and sanding (as suggested by our decking professionals). 

These services include all services outlined in Protection Plan (above) plus:

  • Complete removal of current coatings 

  • Complete color and finish control 

Ongoing Maintenance Plan

Let us worry about the maintenance of your decking area. Talk to us about providing your deck or timber features with a customized maintenance plan.  We offer discounted services and customized maintenance plans for all your deck's requirements.​  Yearly maintenance plans reduce the preparation costs while ensuring the best quality decking year-round, perfect for rental properties and commercial sites to ensure your investment maintains its value well into the future.

What we offer:

  • Professional advice to maximize the time between coats without seeing any damage 

  • Friendly reminders when your deck needs re-coating (specific to your deck's requirements)

  • Ongoing maintenance support including board replacement ASAP when required. 

  • Consistent product application.