Deck Maintenance Services 

Deck re-coating, staining and oiling 

 Our team specializes in deck re-oils, stains and repairing dry and flaky decking.


Our service typically includes:

  • Nail / Screw Replacement.

  • Repairs and board replacements. 

  • Sanding ranging from total coating removal to a light sand where required. 

  • Removal of old oil stains from hard/metal surfaces. 

  • Cleaning (specific to your decks condition).

  • Professional selection of decking oil to best match desired finish.

  • Optional discounted maintenance plan.

  • Anti-Slip Coatings.

We guarantee proper application and a high quality finish free from ugly brush marks or costly mistakes.     

Timber screen, fence and pergola maintenance 

Timber screens, pergolas, fences and rails much like decks, require regular maintenance to extend their life and prevent them from peeling and drying up.


Our screen re-oiling services Involve:

  • re-oiling & staining.

  • cleaning.

  • Sanding. 

  • Professional maintenance Plan.


Using our services ensures the best finish every time always providing a professional quality finish with no unsightly drip marks.

Discounted maintenance plans 

Talk to us about providing your deck with a yearly maintenance plan.  We offer discounted services and customized maintenance plans for all your decks requirements.

We can supply all materials and can advise you on how to keep your deck looking its best for as long as physically possible.  We will let you know when your deck is due for another application of oil.   We can provide maintenance for residential, rental properties and commercial sites to ensure your investment maintains its value well into the future.

Deck rejuvenation 

Recovering flaky , dry or peeling decks can be challenging with many DIYs doing more damage.  Restoring damaged decks may require different treatment depending on the severity and type of damage sustained.


Our team uses a number of different cleaning products, sanding techniques , nail punching , screw replacement and  proper oil application to restore your decks appearance.  Has the coating built up on your deck and you can no longer see the grain? talk to us about total  removal of the previous coatings!


We see decks damaged from failed rejuvenation attempts all the time.  Let us take the guesswork out reviving your deck and give us a call today.