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Case Study: Rejuvenation Package

Step 1: Planning

This case study shows the full process for the premium rejuvenation package which we offer.  It first is assessed for any damage and in this case, there were no boards that needed replacing, however many screws were countersunk lower before starting.  The primary reason for our work was the failing decking coating as shown by the grey area of the deck. The initial assessment of the decking resulted in the recommendation for heavy sanding and reapplication of decking oil to achieve the best possible result.  

Step 2: Sanding

In order to ensure the finished product has a uniform clean finish, the choice was made to sand the entire deck back to bare timber. All areas covered by a solid coating required aggressive sanding using 40, 80, and 120 grit sandpaper to ensure a smooth finish.

As part of our quality control checks, an inspection is carried out over all areas that have been sanded checking to see if the timber is smooth with no remaining coating. 

Image 1. Sanding process to remove the failed coating covering the decking. 

Step 3: Deep Clean

After sanding, the decking is scrubbed using a high strength deck cleaning product. After 10-15 minutes of the solution soaking into the deck, a hard bristled brush is used to remove all dirt trapped within the decking fibers. After the decking has been cleaned and the solution is washed off the decking was left to dry overnight.

Often the decking will show much less color than the original once the boards have dried out.  This color should reappear once the boards absorb moisture 

Timber deck getting washed

Image 2. Deck after being sanded and washed.

Step 4: Re-Coating 

Two coats are typically recommended for new decking areas in the exposed sun. In this case, a natural-looking deck oil was chosen. The image below highlights the true beauty of the decking revealed through this process and is typical of our premium package.  

Poolside deck fully washed, sanded and coated

Image 3. Final product. 

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