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Decking Repairs & Constructions

If you're looking for decking repairs near you then we can help! As a business, we have developed specialized solutions to the most common decking issues seen in West Australia. Each problem presents itself in unique ways, let our team diagnose and repair the issue so your deck is back in the best state possible without the stress and cost of a complete demolition and replacement. 

Board Replacement
Here at Perth Deck Maintenance we see broken and damaged boards every week. It is often a big question regarding how many boards to replace. Here are some pointers to diagnose which boards to replace:

Splintering - Once boards start splintering, there is very little you can do to repair them. We will often lightly sand them and re-coat if it is very mild however anything more than a light fuzz often requires replacement. 

Warping - Typically we will attempt to re-secure with screws before replacing boards however in the worst case the best results come from replacing the boards. 

Wood Rot - The number one priority with wood rot is to remove the affected areas, in mild cases this includes a heavy sand.  Based on the structural integrity of each board we may recommend an anti-fungal deck wash to remove the fungal infestation prior to further work. See our mould and mildew treatment for more information. 

If you’d like more information about the decking repair services we offer or have any other questions for us, get in touch today.

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