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Mildew Treatment

What causes mold/algae/mildew?

Mold spores are ever-present in the air and surrounding environment.  There is no way to stop the mold from finding your deck so the best strategy is to make sure your deck is not a welcoming environment for this unsightly problem. Some of the reasons you might be experiencing mold/algae/mildew includes:

  • High moisture - Poor airflow, unsealed timber, high organic load nearby (rotting leaves).

  • low exposure to sunlight - UV from sunlight will kill most mold/mildew in the early stages.

  •  Warm weather - the warmer the weather the faster the organic growth.


Why is mold/algae/mildew a problem?

Mildew, mold, and algae love moist timber surfaces.  This becomes a common problem for homeowners when the combination of low air-flow, organic matter, and un-sealed timber surfaces combine to allow mold to take hold. Mold can be unsightly however is a warning sign for several other issues your deck may be facing:

  1. Mold/mildew typically signals a poorly sealed timber surface. Moisture, mildew and sunlight will accelerate the rate at which your timber ages if the timber is not correctly sealed. 

  2. Algae can be unsightly and slippery and become a slip/fall risk quickly if conditions are right.

  3. Mildew can leave permanent stains if not quickly treated. 


How to treat mold/algae/mildew

For the DIY treatment, there are several products you can pick up from your local hardware store to treat mould and mildew. Typically this process involves mixing a hypochlorite solution, applying to a wet service and pressure washing/scrubbing. 

Here at Perth Deck Maintenance, we offer the complete treatment to all timber and hard surfaces. Let our team determine the best mixture of pressure washing, scrubbing and chemical application to solve your mildew/mold/algae problem. As part of this package we will also diagnose the cause and asses your deck to make sure the root cause can be resolved (typically air flow between boards) . 

If you’d like more information about our Mildew Treatment Package or have any other questions for us, get in touch today.

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