About Us

Perth Deck Maintenance is a Perth founded  business dedicated to ensuring proper and professional deck care. We pride ourselves on helping our customers maintain and revive their outdoor living spaces without them having to give up their precious time.


We specialize in providing a regular deck maintenance schedule so we can ensure your deck doesn't age and weather badly. We do the research on the best products on the market and can advice the best product for you. Adequate upkeep means a deck will last much longer, look better throughout its life and keep its value much longer. Our business relies on repeat customers so quality is at front of mind at all times.


Preventing damage is always better than a cure and that's why we advocate for regular re coating of timber decks before they start to peel and weather. Our experience will help in preventing irreversible damage before it happens to your deck keeping your investment in the condition you deserve.


We strive to take the stress out of deck care so that you can enjoy your deck for years to come.